The Best Electric (Solidbody) Ukulele Strings Options

Best electric ukulele strings

Is there a greater feeling than strumming a ukulele with fresh strings? The brightness of a revitalized ukulele is one of the finer things in life.

But what are the best electric (solidbody) ukulele string options?

For the most part, an electric ukulele is an acoustic instrument fitted with an internal pickup. Therefore, regular nylon ukulele strings sound best. Brands like FenderAquila, and Ernie Ball produce top-performing uke strings. 

For a solid-body electric ukulele, answers are hard to find. To discover the best strings for this type of uke, I relied on good old-fashioned trial and error to discover the most suitable.

So whether you want to resurrect a lifeless ukulele. Or you want to replace broken strings.

Let’s examine the best electric ukulele string options.

Best Nylon StringsFender 90C

Ukulele designs like the Fullerton Telecaster and Ibanez Iceman mimic the shape of classic guitars.

Because they resemble solid body guitars, sometimes it’s assumed they’re also solid. When in fact, these are like any regular electric ukulele but with the shape of iconic guitars.

So what are the best string options for these designs?

As a hollow body, standard ukulele strings work great. For a classic tone, I like the Fender California Coast Strings.

Lively, resonant, and optimized for gCEA tuning, they keep their tune.

Comfortable to play the medium gauge is easy on the fingertips. To fingerpick, they don’t feel too flimsy or bulky.

Available in soprano, concert, and tenor, they fit on most ukulele models electric or acoustic.

For an electric nylon string ukulele, California Coast offers well-balanced clarity but a shimmer and shine in the high end.


  • US-made Fender quality.
  • Optimized for gCEA tuning for balanced tone and stability.
  • Available in different sizes for soprano, concert, and tenor ukulele.


  • Not available for baritone ukulele.

Best Steel StringD’Addario-ESXL125

Before buying any strings, figure out whether your ukulele uses nylon or steel strings.

In general, the ukulele bridge will establish whether your electric ukulele is a steel or nylon-stringed instrumentNylon strings are tied, unlike steel string instruments which use pins to hold the strings in place.

Models like the Vorson FLPUK-2 use steel strings because they’re a solid-bodied uke guitar hybrid. And the popularity of this style of uke has had many players asking what string to use?

Let’s cut to the chase. For the most part, steel ukulele strings don’t exist. While there’s an exception for baritone instruments, most ukulele strings are nylon.

So what strings do you use on a steel-string uke like the Vorson FSUK? Here are a few solutions.

One option is to use electric guitar strings. The issue is the abundance of brands and gauges to pick from.

So let’s start by saying you’ll want to use a light gauge. Thicker strings cause more tension that can damage the ukulele. So start with .009 gauge strings.

The D’Addario ESXL126 strings are as good as any for this purpose.

For optimal performance, it’s best to not use the wound (bigger) strings. This method requires two of the same guitar strings so buying the strings individually is cost-effective. Using the plain steel strings, tune as follows:

g: .016
C: .011
E: .011
A: .009

If you prefer a cheaper method that incorporates a bound string. Use the following method. However, this will offer a deeper but less bright tone.

g: .026
C: .016
E: .011
A: .009

Don’t want to waste strings? There’s a solution that uses replacement cavaquinho strings. What’s a cavaquinho I hear you ask?

It’s a four steel-string Portuguese musical instrument here to save the day.

For sparkling tones, install D’Addario EJ93 Cavaquinho Strings on a solid-body electric uke of a similar size.


  • Strong steel for tuning reliability
  • Robust enough to handle daily use
  • Super bright tone ideal for a ukulele


  • Electric guitar strings come in packs of six

Best Mellow Tone: Aquila 7U

You may have heard of the saying a jack of all trades a master of none. Aquila is a string specialist. They don’t sway from their domain so expect high quality in the string department.

Refining and developing products, the Aquila 7U Ukulele Strings are the work of masters in their trade.

Made of nyglut, they offer something different from the norm. So what’s nyglut?

Not too long ago, gut strings were the norm. Strings made of the outer layer of an animal’s intestine aren’t for everyone. Hence, the development of synthetic strings like nylon.

After extensive research, Aquila came up with a new synthetic.

Nyglut strings bridge the gap between synthetic and gut. They have the warmth and mellow characteristics of gut strings but with the benefits of synthetic durability. And, of course, you’ll play happily knowing the origins of the strings.

The white string color goes well against a dark fingerboard. For instructional YouTube videos, the high visibility allows viewers to identify notes.

For an electric nylon string ukulele, Aquila 7U strings are a warm, rounded premium pick.


  • Modern durability.
  • White color making strings visible.
  • Warm and mellow characteristics of genuine gut strings


  • Sound deeper rather than bright

Best Nylon Strings For Easy Installation: Ernie Ball P02326

Installing nylon strings. The complex and intricate ritual is enough to test everyone’s patience.

For beginners, it’s a new skill to learn, and it’s a time-consuming nuisance for professionals.

But what if there was another way?

Introducing the Ernie Ball P02326. These strings bring a collective sigh of relief throughout the ukulele world. The ball-end construction means easy installation.

Once in place, the P02326 stretches with a 20% faster breaking time. Ease of installation and practicality is one thing, but how do they sound?

Big and bold, these strings sound authoritative. With a percussive attack, Ernie Ball P02326 will have your uke to its toe-tapping best.

While they’re a must for beginners yet to master the art of restringing nylons, even advanced players will love the tone and the time saved.


  • Easy installation
  • Percussive bold tone
  • Available in black and clear


  • Only available for concert and soprano size ukuleles.


And there you have it! The best electric ukulele strings.

Determine the type of uke to find the best option for you.

Most electric ukuleles are standard acoustic instruments with internal pickups that you need to play with an ampNylon strings specific for ukuleles like the Aquila 7U sound great on these instruments.

Just make sure you get the correct size depending on whether you use a soprano, concert, tenor, or baritone.

With ukuleles like the Fender Fullerton, although the shape resembles a smaller version of a solid body guitar, they also use nylon strings.

Most electric ukuleles are nylon-stringed instruments that won’t take to steel strings.

Putting steel guitar or banjo strings on a nylon string ukulele will cause damage. The pressure on the bridge can cause it to peel away from the body.

But there’s been a rise in the popularity of solid body guitar-like ukuleles.

Flight Music and Vorson are creating genuine solid body ukuleles. These instruments are crossovers between uke and guitar. 

These types of guitars use steel strings. So, it’s a simple case of using electric guitar strings. But, use a low gauge.

For the ultimate hack and no wasted strings, the cavaquinho replacement strings will do the job.

Happy restringing!